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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Oct 25, 2021

Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi! Teacher! Speaker! Life cycle officiant! New friend!

Her work focuses on queer belonging, sex positivity, creative ritual, and inclusive judaism, AND she has a couple Zoom classes starting in November 2021, called "this is why we're here" and "judaism is so gay." Go to

Oct 20, 2021

Jenny Zigrino! Comedian! Actor! Friend! Delight! More!

She's taping her first one-hour special, "Jen Z," at Littlefield in Brooklyn on November 14, and FREE tickets are available here.

Go see her there then, and listen to her on this podcast here now!

Oct 12, 2021

Dan Naturman! Comedian! Author! Polyglot! Friend! His new project is a book called "Ira Spiro: Before Covid." His ongoing project is a standup comedy career called "Being Very Good At Standup Comedy." (I named it.) We have a great talk. Please enjoy as desired and possible!

Oct 6, 2021

Tracy McClendon! Comedian! Friend! Delight! Please delight in my comedian friend Tracy McClendon!