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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Oct 30, 2020

Ayanna Dookie! Comedian! Writer! Professional Complainer! Friend! Delight! We have a great time talking. You can have a great time listening!

Oct 23, 2020

Jacob Sager Weinstein! Author of the new book "How To Remember Everything"! Friend! Delightful podcast guest! Please enjoy all these words and ideas, thank you!

Oct 16, 2020

Dianne Morales! A candidate for Mayor of New York City! She is smart and kind and I had a great time talking about her and learning how to help society. Thanks for listening, and for considering contributing to her campaign, if you are so inclined! You can learn more and contribute here.

Oct 13, 2020

Ed Larson! Comedian! Filmmaker! Ball of energetic friendship light! His new film is "How America Killed My Mother." Enjoy!

Oct 9, 2020

Arden Myrin! Actor! Comedian! Podcaster! Author of a new book that's out now! We have a real nice fun time. You can too!