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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Dec 24, 2019

DeAnne Smith is a DeLight-smith. She creates delight with a hammer and anvil. She says "let there be delight." And there is. She is funny and warm and smart and listen and you'll hear. Thanks for reading and sharing!

Dec 17, 2019

David Heti is a delightful comedian, friend, human, philosopher, and more. Listen to us talk! If you dare. And want! You are very daring. Good work. Love and thanks! Happy Decembering.

Dec 9, 2019

Irene Tu is a delightful comedian, actor, writer, friend, and more. Listen as we talk! Or, listen to us talk after we talked, because the talking already happened, but the listening may still be to come!

Dec 5, 2019

Dylan Brody is a delightful comedian, story-teller, author, creator of all kinds of things made of words and otherwise, and friend. And more! But that's it. All those things and more, period. Enjoy our wonderful chat, IF YOU DARE. (I dare you. Thank you!)

Nov 29, 2019

Sophia Rokhlin is a delightful conversationalist, a curious human, a new friend, and the author of "When Plants Dream: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Shamanism and the Global Psychedelic Renaissance." We talk a lot about a lot. Listen! If you want! (You're listening already. In a way. Do it another way!)