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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Aug 31, 2018

Nina Daniels is a busy human. She acts, she does comedy, she plays cello, an unconventional triple threat! Happy to have her as a guest and friend. Enjoy what happens in your ears, now and always.

Aug 25, 2018

Stuart Goldsmith is a new friend that now feels like an old friend. I met him this year at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, where he's performing for the 25th year in a row, doing his 8th one-hour show. It's called "End Of" and it's fantastic. His podcast "The Comedian's Comedian" is also super. Listen to it, after you...

Aug 17, 2018

Helen Crimmins is a new friend, a professional photographer, an animal lover, a soon-to-be published book creator, and so much more. She speaks to me here about her life and work, and also the life that she shared with the recently departed Barry Crimmins, a beloved comedy legend and friend as well.

Aug 10, 2018

Christian Finnegan is a comedian and actor and writer and all kinds of creator and human and friend. I've seen him on the Good Wife which I love, and Chappelle's Show which I love, and now on this podcast which I love. I'm the only one who SEES him on this podcast, because for you it is audio only. Enjoy! Thank you!

Aug 4, 2018

Alice Fraser is a comedian, podcaster, Australian, and (among many more things) a friend who is currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest right now (August 2018), as am I. This conversation was recorded there (here)! If you're anywhere near Scotland, come on by and see our shows. And wherever you are, thanks for...