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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Nov 21, 2023

Rob Conery! Comedian! Author! Old friend! And more!

Rob is an old comedian friend from Boston AND has a new book out right now called "Live Show, Whammy!" which is full of concert disaster stories INCLUDING one that was written by ME.

Check out the book! Check out our chat! Check out the SECOND HALF OF OUR CHAT BY...

Nov 16, 2023

Lalita Dee! Comedian! Academic! Podcaster! Friend! Delight! More!

From her website:

"Originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Lalita made her way to the South Bay through London, England, and Madison, Wisconsin. A very out-and-proud lesbian who’s also a mom, her observational and narrative humor describes her...

Nov 8, 2023

Scott Higgins! Comedian! Podcaster! Friend! Delight!

Scott has held a warm place in my heart ever since he booked me to perform at a pizza place called "Pyzzz," and not just because of the Y-as-only-vowel camaraderie (but some because of that). Scott is a funny dude, a nice dude, a dude I've known for a long time, and...

Nov 1, 2023

Caleb Synan! Comedian! Podcaster! Friend! Delight!

Caleb is a super funny comedian. He's got a podcast called "What's It Called?" which is why I called this podcast "Caleb Synan and What's It Called?"

We talk about a lot of stuff that we know about it and a lot of stuff that we don't know about. You know,...

Oct 22, 2023

Sid Singh! Comedian! Human rights attorney! New friend! Delight!

I got to know and love Sid at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Fest. He's super funny on stage and off and also does meaningful humanitarian work off stage and on!

Follow him on Instagram here!
Support his refugee legal aid focus here!
See him live if you...