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Broccoli and Ice Cream

Dec 12, 2018

Guitler Raphael is a comedian friend from Boston AND from NYC. We have both lived both of those places. He tells stories and I'm glad. Enjoy!

Dec 5, 2018

Abbi Crutchfield is a delightful comedian, friend, and host of the comedy game app Laugh Exchange. She has a secret baby and empathy for you and all. Listen and enjoy!

Nov 29, 2018

Michael is a wonderful writer, friend, human, tweeter, and more. Follow him. Listen to us. Listen to yourself. Live your life. Let your life include this podcast. And more. Thanks and love!

Nov 23, 2018

Rebecca Anderson is a minister, one of the pastors at Gilead Chicago, a queer, story-telling bar church. She has been a comedian and continues to be a wonderful friend and human. Listen! If you dare! (Why wouldn't you dare? It's a very fulfilling, enjoyable conversation.)

Nov 18, 2018

Spencer Lott is a puppeteer! The first one I've had on this show! He has done puppet things for Sesame Street and the upcoming Mr. Rogers Tom Hanks movie and more. Not just those two things. Also more. He's also a nice man and I think you'll enjoy listening to us talk. Thanks and love!